Friday, February 15, 2013

Parental Guidance (2012)

I love Billy Crystal. And to a certain extent (because she overacts), I love Bette Midler.

This movie... eh.

It was my office's Movie Night, and it was either this or Fire with Fire. Once I saw the latter's crappy poster, I voted Parental Guidance.

Despite my love for Crystal (and Tom Everett Scott!), plus the fact that it wasn't a movie I would watch in normal circumstances (even on TV), I found my heart surprisingly warmed in some places, especially towards the end.

Having not seen a family comedy in a very long while, I guess I'm a little bit loss for words to review this film. In fact, how do you even review a movie like this? On poop/fart/vomit jokes? On how closely the camera pans into Marisa Tomei and/or  Midler's so-obviously-false eyelashes?

Though I have to admit, I cracked up when Crystal puked into the tubby kid's face after Crystal got hit in the nadgers.

The movie is ably supported by its younger cast. And by 'ably', I did not find them annoying. I found it a bit odd that, for two parents with dark hair and two first children also with dark hair, the third child has bright red hair, but I digress. The little one is like a benign version of Chucky. I know that toilet humor is the lowest form of humor (not sure where it places next to sarcasm) but I laughed my head off at Crystal singing the poopy-come-out song.

Sooo... there ends my review. Um... watch only if you love Billy Crystal and/or Bette Midler? I mean, it's not an entirely bad watch (beginning was a bit cringeworthy, though), but considering this is the first live-action film that Crystal's headlining in a VERY long while, I guess I expected something more. 5/10.

[My first movie for 2013 had a 2012 release. Oh well.]