Saturday, May 2, 2009

Little Black Book (2004)

Stars Miss Murphy as Miss Stacy Holt. Interesting movie, for me, as this was actually the first movie I get to see Palm Pilot aka so nice like that equipment. So anyways, she found his boy friend's Palm, check it, did some research on his exs, found them to be very intelligent and beautiful women, made friends with them, betrayed by ever 'as if so good' friend, play by Miss Hunter, betrayed by colleagues in workplace, regret leaving his ex (that was sorta the sad moment where, Miss Murphy had coffees at his ex's place but didn't bum into him *no fate to meet*). But no worries, she felt thankful and all that everything ends though not exactly how she plans it, but it was worth it as he was happy. Special appearance too that was how I thought, rather funny, the way they end it. Sweet yet nice.

Over all a 7 rated movie, kinda nice if you watch it with a love one..

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