Monday, April 27, 2009

Viva la resistance!

In brief, the Avatar fandom has been torn with the casting of the leads in the upcoming The Last Airbender live-action movie. This has led to an online movement called Saving the World with Postage (also known as Aang Ain't White), which also has an offshoot called Racebending. Both websites aim to create awareness of the casting travesty (NONE of the four leads look like their animated counterparts, and are 3/4 white), as well as the indifference of the movie-makers to racism claims.

And now, they're on YouTube.

[They're on FIYAHH!!]

For more information on contributing (as in 'effort', and not 'money', don't worry) to the cause, clickie here:

The Number 23 (2007)


The Number 23
is about an ordinary man whose life begins to unravel when his wife Agatha buys him a book called (you guessed it) The Number 23. He finds out that his life mirrors that of the book's character, a detective named Fingerling, who, as the book progresses, begins to see numerical connections to the number 23 everywhere.

That fate soon befalls our hero Walter.

I was really interested in the movie (being a conspiracy theory buff + Math geek), and although I feel that the movie did a pretty good job with the twists, it is not without flaw. The movie started off a bit slow, and could really do without the lengthy narrative of the book at the beginning (even though it was integral to the plot). The ending of the movie was a bit of a let-down, considering that the events leading up to it (middle of the movie onwards) were very intense, especially the part when Walter tears down the wallpaper in the hotel room to see...

'Twas written on the walls!


I kid. I liked that part, didn't see it coming.

Time for nitpicking:

1) Why did Agatha have a knife in her purse when Walter confronted her about moving the bones? If she wanted to protect herself, she could've gotten a gun (these things are ALWAYS conveniently at hand in this sorta movie), and if that wasn't the case, why would she take the knife from the old guy who committed suicide? Helloo, it's called 'withholding evidence'...

2) Dr French (the guy whom Walter consults with about the number) and Agatha looked like they were having an affair. Probably just the impression I got, though.

[I must be losing my touch. I didn't even SEE 'Topsy Kretts'.]

I give it 7/10. Storyline was good, but it really WAS too complicating, and some parts felt a bit draggy at times. Could do without the dog and the noir-type exposition from the book.

8 new clips from Wolverine!

Courtesy of! So's not to spoil too much (from face value of said clips), I've embedded three videos on here, with links to the other six.

Each individual video shows us a bit of the new line-up, with one for Fred Dukes, Remy LeBeau and John Wraith.

[HUMAN names, not mutant :)]

Enjoy! :D

The other five:


I'm Coming For You

What's Your Plan?

Show's Over

Not From Around Here

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Guess who's back?

[Back again.]

Since I've neglected the blog for a week, here is a summary/round-up (sorry Cracked) of news items of note:

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

According to, multiple endings are in store, with each theatre showing a different one, similar to Clue, back in the '80's.

[I can't think of a more recent movie. Sue me.]

There's no mention of how many different endings there will be, although with the release of Wolverine to the general public less than a week away, we'll find out soon enough.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Duo character pics! See below:

Hopefully, this is confirmation that we will get more Quidditch this time around.


Head on to (again, I know) to check out concept art of Carl, starting from when he was just a boy, to the now-grumpy old man we all know him for.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Revisiting... Catch Me If You Can (2002)

I'm digging this movie! Watched it like almost 20 times last year, well maybe because i was bored but anyways, why would I not wish my life could just as perfectly illogical like this one? From a pilot up till the day he was caught and yet still be useful in the community? wtf... Anyways a nice movie to watch as there are lots of amazing cast acted and how my sickness now is as shitty as what happen to Mr Di Caprio in his cell, and I'm suffering in my law exam this week.
A 8 1/2 I would give this as its amazing how you can change life (but not so easy though)just take it as a memorable lesson in life.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

On hiatus.

I'll be away for the most of next week, so as I won't be having Internet access, I don't think I'll be able to update on movie news and such.

[And since I'm still packing, I haven't had the time to type out the few reviews that I have in mind. Hindsight's such a bitch.]

But, don't worry that the blog will be dead for the entire week, I've asked Pammy to try and update sometime during next week when she can (because she has exams).

So, see y'all when I get back! :D

Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Transformers 2 clip!

In which Sam (Shia LaBeouf) tells Bumblebee that he can't take him along to college. And where Bumblebee cries. Adorably. Like in a Japanese animé.

[HE'S TOO CUTE. Bumblebee, I mean.]

We also get to see some of the other Bots in the movie, although for the life of me, I can't really recognise any of them. Except for Optimus Prime, of course.

EDIT: The Vimeo vid apparently doesn't exist anymore, so the only one I could find on YouTube shares its slot with the Halloween 2 trailer. For the record, the Transformers 2 clip begins around the 2:29 mark.

Enjoy :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Quidditch makes a return!


But it sure looks that way in the new Harry Potter 6 trailer. I've always liked how they made Apparating more cool (very X2 Nightcrawler), although it'd make ambushing difficult since your target would see your BLACK trail-smoke coming miles away.

Also, Helena Bonham-Carter seems to confirmed her Bellatrix Lestrange signature pose.

Anyways, enjoy! :D

[I SERIOUSLY have to read this book again. I can't recognise half of what's going on in the trailer.]

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Watchmen, the Abridged Script.

Courtesy of Rod Hilton, I bring you this link (clickie), and some highlights:
I just finished watching The Dark Knight. This is how superheroes talk, isn’t it?

Fair enough. I pretty much stole my costume from that movie.
And my personal favourite:
If only you could perceive my big blue penis in four dimensions, as I do.

Plus a bonus:
MALIN leaves to go see PATRICK WILSON. Upset, BILLY teleports himself to MARS and builds a GIGANTIC QUMRRLFPSKLZNT to WALK AROUND ON.

Read the full script in the Editing Room.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Half-Blood Prince to arrive two days earlier!

The sixth instalment of Harry Potter will be opening on July 15th, two days earlier than the initial July 17th release date.

Can't wait! :D

Monday, April 13, 2009

Wolverine character videos!!

Five of them! 30 seconds each, we start off with Wolverine, then Sabretooth, Gambit, Deadpool, and Wraith. SERIOUSLY cannot wait for May 1st.

[I'm most excited to see Gambit xD]

Enjoy :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

New Angels & Demons clip.

Also about a minute-long, this one has Tom Hanks arguing with Stellan Skarsgaard, who doesn't want to allow him into the Vatican archives to look for clues onto the Illuminati trail.

[I don't seem to remember this bit in the book. The weebitcocky bit at the end of the vid, I mean.]

Enjoy :)

Transformers 2 bots.

Courtesy of, I come bearing this:

Plenty more where THAT came from. Rather than give an outright spoiler on who this is, I'll let you check it out yourself. Click here.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Robot bites dust in Transformers 2! (spoilerrific)

According to, Arcee really IS making a cameo, because she's going to be killed off. They're not making her death plot-intrinsic or anything like that. As Michael Bay says, "This is just 'get it out and get it over with,' " because he didn't like her.

[Although at that point, that line was said like he DIDN'T want to spoil too much of her death and just wanted to go to the next question.]

Then why have her in the movie the bloody first place?!

Travesty or no? Check out the video below, the rest of the article here, and tell us what you think.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Star Trek XI ≠ Sydney

...because it premiered in Austin, Texas, RIGHT BEFORE IT DID IN SYDNEY!!!

Trekkies showed up for a screening of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, the best one with the original cast (I kinda liked the one with the whales, though), and a 10-minute preview of the upcoming Star Trek XI.

Instead of that, Leonard Nimoy beamed down came out, and told everyone that they'd be watching the ENTIRE Star Trek XI!!! How cool is THAT?!

So far, fan reviews (mostly on Twitter) are positive, and the two Rotten Tomatoes there are, aren't rotten either.

Looks like we will have another successful reboot on our hands :)

Man shoots himself during Watchmen.

Poor guy. Link is here:

Can't help but wonder whether it was the awkward sex scene that did it ^^

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rorschach in Elm Street? confirms that Jackie Earle Haley will be donning the iconic fedora-striped-sweater-clawed-glove combo in the reboot of A Nightmare on Elm Street. Production will start in May this year, for an April 2010 release.

Haley will be playing the famous Freddy Krueger, a dead child murderer who enters the dreams of teenagers and kills them there.

The irony is so obvious it burns. I've heard of 180˚ character turns, but this is almost instantaneous.

Wonder what Rorschach would think of this. Hurm...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)

I really really really like the way they make Brad Pitt so admirably young and so so cute and not forgetting the ever so lovely Cate Blanchett (great touch of make up as well)! Anyways this movie revolves around time (but in reverse). Benjamin Button turning younger and younger as time pass and in his walk of life he meet the most incredible woman in his life (his black mother, who found him and nurture him when he was left on the staircase by his real father, after his real mother's death), his sweet heart, Daisy, and so on.. Though I don't really get the whole story, but yet again referring to the title 'curious case' well it pretty much answers it all. Anyways if it wasn't for Mr Pitt, it will be pointless in watching this. A 7 1/2 for Mr Pitt and a 6 1/2 for the plot.

I know this is kinda old news, but...

Apparently, Wolverine has leaked onto the Internets!!11! Not the COMPLETED version, though; just the workprint, which means that there's no CGI added in, and you probably can see everyone in harnesses. Maybe.

Now, I still don't really know whether it's true or not, since the news broke out around April 1st, which is the Universal April Fools' Day, but a lot of news sources are picking this up. Including the big ones too. Which makes it even harder to determine whether it's fake or real.

Over here, you can read Fox's statement as to the breach of security. Date of the article is ALSO April 1st.

Oh, boy.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Transformers 2 robot list & pics!

Yahoo! Movies has released new photos for Transformers 2, plus a list of all (if not, most) of the bots that will be appearing in the movie.

# OPTIMUS PRIME: The Autobots' leader - alternate form: Peterbilt truck (pic'd below).
# IRONHIDE: Weapons specialist - GMC Topkick.
# RATCHET: Medic - Hummer H2.
# BUMBLEBEE: Friend and mode of transportation for Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) - 2010 Chevorlet Camaro.
# ARCEE: A female Autobot - motorcycle.
# JETFIRE: An older Decepticon who switches sides - SR71 Blackbird jet.
# JOLT: the original toy was a Decepticon, but in the movie he's a good guy - Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid.
# SKID & MUDFLAP: a.k.a. "The Twins" - Chevrolet Beat and Trax concept cars.

Rising from the ashes. Even though he never died. That's how awesome he is.

# STARSCREAM: Formerly Megatron's second in command, he escaped at the end of the first movie; F-22 Raptor jet.
# SCORPONOK: The mechanical scorpion that attacked the American troops in the desert.
# THE FALLEN: One of the original Transformers, he's called "the most elemental bad guy" by the screenwriters.
# SIDEWAYS: The Audi R8 seen crashing through a building in the trailer.
# SOUNDWAVE: A cassette player in the original toys; his alternate mode will fly.
# RAVAGE: A four-legged, cat-like robot (pic'd below).
# THE DOCTOR: Alternate form has not been announced (pic'd as well).
# WHEELIE: A small, radio-controlled truck.
# DEMOLISHER: One of the Constructicons that transform into construction vehicles.
# DEVASTATOR: A giant robot formed by the Constructicons joining together; individually, they are: Scavenger, Scrapper, Hightower, Longhaul, Rampage, Overload and Mixmaster.

Apparently, Ravage will have an additional skill that the movie writers have decided to add in. As for the bots talking to each other, it's still a 'no'.

The Doctor. Reminds me of Frenzy from the first movie.

From the list, you can see that Megatron's name is NOT on it, and neither is Jazz's, even though Michael Bay have mentioned it, and a Pontiac Solstice was sighted on set. Maybe they'll cameo at the end of the movie.

[Jai Ho! xD]