Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Twilight pulls Harry Potter crap!

 Variety is reporting that the final Twilight book Breaking Dawn will be split into TWO movies.

And I didn't even roll my eyes this time around.

Nothing is finalised yet, as Summit Entertainment has to run it by the cast, the director (apparently they want Chris Weitz back), and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg to see whether they want to come back for the extra one, which will be done back-to-back. Since everyone's only signed on for only FOUR movies, their contracts will have to be renegotiated, and some say that our three leads (yeah, like I need to name them) could get eight-figure salaries.

Fun Fact:
Robert Pattinson will be the only actor to have been involved in TWO book-to-movie franchises that split the final book.

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