Monday, January 18, 2010

Rumor round-up!

Well, I'm guessing y'all heard about the Spider-man reboot? Just a recap, the casting and director slots are now open considering that original director Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire backed out of production, taking EVERYONE ELSE with them.

Rumors are flying that the REAL reason why Raimi and Co. quit was because of, get this: Avatar. Apparently, Raimi was blown away after watching the furriesAvatar and wanted A LOT OF CGI for Spidey 4, which would've made the already overdue film overbudget, and that's why he and the studio parted ways.
Aside from that, the big question now is, who will be playing the new Peter Parker?
(who's supposed to be in his teenage years since they're gonna milk this franchise for even MORE than its worth)

See him brood. As if Twilight fans need to eff the world up more.

In this article from EW, other names include Zac Efron, Daniel Radcliffe, Shia LaBeouf and even Jaden Smith. Out of the whole bunch, Shia LaBeouf would be the only one I'd pay to see, or even waste two hours (-plus, depending on film's running time) on, and that's saying a lot.

[And besides, the "nununununu" always makes me laugh.]

Other news during the week / period:
  • Blake Lively is now Love Interest, and Peter Sarsgaard in talks to play Dr Hector Hammond, a villain, in Green Lantern. We still don't know who's gonna play Sinestro (who eventually turns to the Dark Side, but only probably at the end of the movie), though Jackie Earle Haley is still in the running. Sherlock Holmes' Mark Strong is also being mentioned here and there, and though I'm rooting for RorschachHaley, between the two, Strong has the height. Whatever happened to Hugo Weaving? His name kinda dropped off the minute Haley's showed up.
  • Transformers 3 to start filming soon, and THEY HAVE NO SCRIPT! Word also on the street is that the third movie will have less robots and more storyline, which I guess means that it'd be a bit like the first movie. I think I'm one of the rare people that enjoyed Transformers 2, and I'm a hesitant about Movie TrĂ©s, as whenever I enjoy the sequel, the threequel will suck so much ass that it annihilates the entire trilogy (see Spider-man, The Matrix, The Mummy, Terminator, etc.). Director Michael Bay and producer Steven Spielberg is also at odds about whether to film in 3-D (apparently Spielberg L-O-V-E-D Avatar), but I really don't care about that since first time is always 2-D for me.
Other than the above, nothing could really beat Spider-man 4's news, so that's about it from me. I hope to see Legion this weekend, so expect a review up sometime next week! :)

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