Sunday, May 23, 2010

Iron Man 2 (2010)

I liked Iron Man 2. 

[This is quite overdue, by the way. So, SPOILERS!]

The storyline isn't as plain and simple as the first movie, which is a bit like Batman Begins except funny enough to make me not hate it. Overcrowding and some unnecessary inclusions (yes, Scarlett Johansson looks superhot in black leather/latex, but minor role S.H.I.E.L.D. agent? Come on) in the plotline aside, it's still a fun movie, the main highlight being the racetrack sequence a half hour into the film, where  Whiplash/Crimson Dynamo amalgamation Mickey Rourke was introduced in his arc-reactor-powered glory.

Oh, and don't forget all those minute details that lead up to the main movie event of 2012-3: the Avengers movie. Though admittedly, the final scene after the end-credits wasn't as cool and history-making as the one in the first film.

Anyway, the race scene brings me to the downside of the film: the final fight scene.

It's a whole lot more disappointing compared to the one in the first movie (between Warmonger and Iron Man), because Mickey Rourke was a totally freaking bad-ass villain. And he didn't deserve to go down after ONE MINUTE OF FIGHTING. ONE BLOODY MINUTE.

While Warmonger got seven.

That aside, Robert Downey Jr. is awesome, as usual, and everyone else does a stand-up job. Not to hate on Don Cheadle, but I miss Terrence Howard. Originals are always better, and I hate it when they replace actors in a series.

[Rampant Rumor: Howard was paid more than Downey in the first movie. O.o]

Lousy anti-climactic fight scene and plotholes aside, I loved the movie. Even Garry Shandling, whom I found funny for once, and was reminded of when he hosted the Emmys some 10 years ago.

7/10. I would've watched it again on my office's Movie Night if I weren't so swamped with work at the time.

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