Sunday, July 17, 2011

Green Lantern (2011)

Despite what people said about the trailers, I thought they looked pretty good. Sadly, I can't say that about the movie.

Green Lantern revolves around Hal Jordan, a young fighter pilot who suddenly finds himself in possession of a green power ring and a member of the Green Lantern Corps (an intergalactic peacekeeping force for the entire universe), when the ring's former wearer Abin Sur dies. The rings choose the closest and most suitable candidate, that is, one who is strong of will and able to overcome fear, and can create hard light constructs limited only by the wearer's imagination.

Throw in disgruntled scientist Hector Hammond who develops telekinesis and mind powers after being infected by Parallax via proxy (he was autopsying Abin Sur when it happened), and the main villain, Parallax himself, a massive smoke monster creature that sucks out life essences from other beings by sensing their fear, and you have the perfect situation for the hero to prove himself, defeat the bad guys, save the world, and what befits an awesome movie, right?

Eh, not so much.

So what went wrong?
  1. Far too much time was on character development at the beginning, so much that it actually got boring. Some scenes we could've done without, since in general pre-attainment of superhero powers usually involves the depictions of 'cocky', 'arrogant', and 'prat', and it's pretty much implied that Hal and Carol have history from the way they argue. Not really necessary to go further. 
  2. One villain two many. [Geddit?]. Hammond was perfectly capable of being a major villain himself, since he had quite a bit of screentime, and Peter Sarsgaard was effectively creepy as the softspoken scientist. Despite changing Parallax's nature (he's the embodiment of fear in the comics), Parallax could've been saved for the next movie, with Hammond serving as a herald in the first movie.
  3. The story's a bit disjointed, and some parts didn't make sense. The ring only warns of imminent danger, so how did Hal know that Hammond was causing a ruckus at that underground bunker/lab place? How did Hal know where Carol was being held captive? Why have Hal make that big speech imploring the Guardians to help him when they're not gonna? What the hell is the Yellow Power Battery doing within range of Oa? And the Guardians saw one of their own fall to fear's corruptive power, and yet they agree too easily to Sinestro's request to forge a yellow ring! Thereby continuing that good ol' movie stereotype that people in high places are most often idiots that never learn. Sigh.
  4. Not enough of Sinestro. In the comics, Sinestro is eventually sacked as a Green Lantern and starts his own Corp, where its members use yellow rings. The Sinestro Corps is the Green's most direct enemy, due to their rings' weakness towards the color yellow. In this movie, Sinestro seems like a decent enough person with no hints of a darker, twisted side enough to warrant him putting on the yellow ring. Fanservice.
What was good?
  1. Cast and chemistry. The only thing was that Ryan Reynolds seemed a bit restrained in this one, humor-wise, but other than that no complaints. Also, Peter Sarsgaard. 
  2. Crapload of character development actually got us vested in the characters, especially Hal. It was also realistic in the sense that Hal was at odds with himself in attempting to save the world. Unfortunately, it served to hurt the movie's flow and pacing.
  3. The part when Carol recognises Hal despite him wearing his facemask. "You don't think I would recognize you 'cause I can only see your cheekbones?!" Best. Line. Ever.
  4. Oa, homeworld of the GL Corps. It looks stunning, and we got to see the Guardians, the Green Power Battery, Yellow Power Battery (just 'cuz it don't make sense don't mean it don't look cool), alien creatures, etc. Just 'wow'.
  5. Light constructs in general. Whatever Hal or the other GLs thought up looked simply awesome, and definitely worthy of the term 'wearer's imagination'. That whole racetrack bit? Wicked.
  6. Amanda Waller FTW!

I give it a 5. Green Lantern had so much potential to be awesome; sadly, the lousy storyflow and double-trouble did nothing to help.

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