Monday, April 27, 2009

The Number 23 (2007)


The Number 23
is about an ordinary man whose life begins to unravel when his wife Agatha buys him a book called (you guessed it) The Number 23. He finds out that his life mirrors that of the book's character, a detective named Fingerling, who, as the book progresses, begins to see numerical connections to the number 23 everywhere.

That fate soon befalls our hero Walter.

I was really interested in the movie (being a conspiracy theory buff + Math geek), and although I feel that the movie did a pretty good job with the twists, it is not without flaw. The movie started off a bit slow, and could really do without the lengthy narrative of the book at the beginning (even though it was integral to the plot). The ending of the movie was a bit of a let-down, considering that the events leading up to it (middle of the movie onwards) were very intense, especially the part when Walter tears down the wallpaper in the hotel room to see...

'Twas written on the walls!


I kid. I liked that part, didn't see it coming.

Time for nitpicking:

1) Why did Agatha have a knife in her purse when Walter confronted her about moving the bones? If she wanted to protect herself, she could've gotten a gun (these things are ALWAYS conveniently at hand in this sorta movie), and if that wasn't the case, why would she take the knife from the old guy who committed suicide? Helloo, it's called 'withholding evidence'...

2) Dr French (the guy whom Walter consults with about the number) and Agatha looked like they were having an affair. Probably just the impression I got, though.

[I must be losing my touch. I didn't even SEE 'Topsy Kretts'.]

I give it 7/10. Storyline was good, but it really WAS too complicating, and some parts felt a bit draggy at times. Could do without the dog and the noir-type exposition from the book.

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