Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Justice League live-action movie on the horizon?

Hopefully! reports that next year's Green Lantern will be the first in a trilogy of films that will lead up to a Justice League movie. The other two movies planned will be on the Flash and Wonder Woman, and obviously, all three superheroes will join up with Superman, Batman and Aquaman in the JL movie.

[What, no J'onn and Hawkgirl?]

No word on the release date / year of the other movies yet.

Rather than making two or three movies on the same superhero/es (which seems to be the trend nowadays), DC seems to be taking the fast track in competing with Marvel. Personally, I'm stoked, and it's good to see DC finally being proactive with its other heroes (besides Batman, that is).

Imagine if the JL movie is released in the same summer as the Avengers movie.
Damn you, wishful thinking!

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