Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Black Cat in Spidey 4?

In a move that seems oddly familiar, *cough*Iron Man 2*cough*, Rachel McAdams is rumored to be up for the role of Felicia Hardy / Black Cat, who in the comics, has an on-off relationship (depending on story-arc) with our Peter. Black Cat is like Catwoman, except that she's actually DATED the hero for a while, and she's not exactly a villain (although, Catwoman's a bit of an anti-heroine as well).

If this turns out to be true, then great. More conflict and love triangles for the bunch. Can't they just marry Peter off to MJ and get it over with? I mean, the only reason why anybody watches comic book movies is to see the villains. Character and emotional development is always secondary.

[I'm still stumped on why I liked Iron Man.]

Off-topic, is it just me, or does Rachel McAdams look a lot like Elizabeth Banks?

UPDATE: Julia Stiles is also in talks for a role in Spidey 4; I'm guessing it's this one.

UPDATED UPDATE: Now it's Anne Hathaway. Oh dear... the rumor mill is out of control...

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