Sunday, July 19, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009)

[<----This part was quite cool, actually.]

As initially rumored, the movie does focus more on the relationship aspects of the book, rather than delving into Voldemort's past. Surprisingly, I wasn't groaning throughout the entire movie. Most of the movie's funny moments come from their relationship squabbles, however unnecessary they were.

The special effects are really lovely, as usual, plus they brough back Quidditch! Not a full game, but still a lot more than the previous two combined (seriously, you put the Quidditch World Cup in a movie and don't even show PART of the match?!), so I'm pretty satisfied with that. Plus, the Millenium-Bridge-go-boom part was way cool. If you look carefully, you can see that there are absolutely no pedestrians (even though they are close-up shots of them running away ON the bridge) when it collapses.

I also liked the fact that Tom Felton was given more screen-time to flesh out Draco's inner turmoil. Draco wasn't mentioned a lot in the book, but I'm glad to see more of him in the movie. Makes for interesting scenes, especially the ones with the Vanishing Cabinet.

One thing, though, was the ending. It felt rushed, and very, very anti-climactic, especially since it was one of the most unbelievable events to have happened in book history (in my humble opinion). To have Alan Rickman deliver his last lines (of the movie) in his usual expressionless Snape sneer.... bah. We are supposed to see Snape lose his temper and self-control. We are supposed to see anger. We are supposed to hear the lines, "I am the Half-Blood Prince," delivered VERY MUCH LESS nonchalance than was done in the movie. I mean, we go through 2.5 hours in the theatre just for THAT?

And the movie version is supposed to be dramatized. Jeez.

The presence of the Death Eaters at the end was pointless. I mean, what's the use of having Fenrir Greyback and some others, if they're only going to walk around looking menacing and throwing occasional zingers, and the only person to do any REAL damage (Dining Hall and Hagrid's House sans Hagrid ONLY) is Bellatrix Lestrange? Seriously, Hagrid is CONVENIENTLY AWAY FROM HIS HOUSE when the Death Eaters attack?

I can't believe the book is more realistic than the movie.

And where on earth is Dumbledore's funeral?! They only pay tribute to the guy by holding up lighted wands?! What the hell?! I'd exchange the time spent on relationship quibbles for that. The funeral would've made a great prelude to the seventh instalment, where it'll probably focus on Harry getting all pissy 'cuz Dumby died.

[It almost looks like Dumby '<' Diggory as per Goblet of Fire.

6.5/10. Not as crappy as the previous two, the movie was fun and funny, but the ending was a let-down.

[I miss Christian Coulson :P]

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