Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Last Airbender cast photos!

Courtesy of the Racebending Community on LiveJournal, I come bearing these:

[For clarity's sake, I'll just put their character names below their pics.]





[Click here for larger headshots, where you can see a bit of their costumes.]

We now have a closer shot of Zuko, compared to my earlier post.
YOU CALL THAT A SCAR?!! That's Gerard Butler Phantom of the Opera burn scarring, you lousy-ass make-up people! MovieZuko must have serious, SERIOUS self-esteem issues to wanna redeem his honor with a scar like that. I mean, he still looks good. LIKE GERARD BUTLER DID!!

Secondly, they better color in Aang's tattoo. Geez, the thing is supposed to be bright blue, man. It's supposed to be difficult to go incognito. With this, all it takes is a little foundation.

Normally, I find Jackson Rathbone quite youthful-looking, but in the above pics, the age gap between Sokka and Katara is, well, 10 years +, obvious. Oh well, I guess the kids need a babysitter, or worse, a responsible adult. *pukesinmouth*
Plus, I miss the blue on their costume, but that's secondary :P

And a promo poster-shot (larger one here):

And you know what? The poster shot actually looks GOOD! It looks COOL, which is MISLEADING, since the production team is messing up EVERY SINGLE THING THAT'S GOOD from the ORIGINAL ANIMATED SERIES!!

It's like the remix of your favourite song. It always sucks.

I'm so pissed right now.

Btw, can someone tell me who the frick that Earthbender is?
End-of-levelmovie Boss.

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