Friday, March 20, 2009

My Name Is Bruce (2007)

My Name is Bruce stars Bruce Campbell (of course!) as himself, except washed-up and more of a putz than in real life. When a bunch of teenagers set loose the Chinese God of War into the world, one of them (a fan) drags Bruce into it, thinking that he can save the world (ya know, like in the Evil Dead movies). Bruce thinks that he's going onto a large-scale movie set, and as usual, mayhem ensues.

The movie was okay for me. I guess I had higher expectations, since I'd never seen any of his newer movies, but hey, it's a B-movie. It really could've been a lot worse.

With his slew of one-liners, Bruce Campbell is charming and tactless as usual. I love the part when he finds out that the deity is not a prop, and as he runs away, his random shots behind hit every other townsperson. Ted Raimi plays his agent, and the town Chinese crackpot, and this Italian painter whom we see is always changing the town pop. sign. Till he kicks the paint bucket, of course. Bad puns aside, I kinda liked his turn as Wing.

["Guan-Di has been... un-reashed!"]

Campbell fans will be able to appreciate this movie a lot more than your average movie-goer, since there are a lot of references to his previous movies. The love subplot between him and Kelly felt rushed, since it looked like her misgivings about Bruce went away in like, a second, but other than that, everything else was okay.


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