Thursday, March 26, 2009

Trekkies furious over premiere location.

The post is obviously from Empire. Link here. And why's Uhura in the picture? Should either be Scotty or McCoy.

The bigwigs in Hollywood have chosen the Sydney Opera House to premiere the new Star Trek movie on April 7th, a month before its worldwide release, and the Trekkies are aren't happy with that.

Trekkies, including the original Mr. Spock, have been campaigning to host the premiere of the movie in the small town of Vulcan in Canada.

[What're the ODDS!?]

Unfortunately for them, Vulcan doesn't have a cinema. Oi vey.

My question is, why Australia? Don't tell me that there aren't any places NEAR Vulcan that could host the premiere. I also get that Trekkies exist far and wide, but Star Trek is most definitely a part of American pop culture, so why not celebrate its return to the big-screen back on home soil? And what's niggling me is, why Sydney? Why not Melbourne or any other Australian city? What's so special about Sydney, that a billion ass-ton of shows/movies are shown there, while practically nothing interesting ever happens in Melbourne.

[Except for The Rocky Horror Show, and the 2008 Kids' Choice Awards, the latter of which I didn't get to go :(]


  1. It's business is it not?! Showing it on "home soil" is the type of comment that would have encouraged such a decision. Australia will be stealing a lot more of the show in the following years to come. The world economy favours australia and business know thats where the money will be coming from while Americans get poorer.

    Life goes on!

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  2. Actually, I've always had the impression the money's coming in from China :)

    Thanks for the comment. I always thought it was a 'taking-turns' sorta thing, but I see your point. If that's the case, though, wouldn't that further help Australia's economy instead as pretty much everyone will be flying in FROM America? I really doubt that was their intention.

    I'm not an Economics major, though, so please correct me if I'm wrong :]