Thursday, March 12, 2009

New castmembers for The Last Airbender!

Fire Nation bigwigs and an Earthbender have been cast!

Aasif Mandvi will be playing Commander Zhao

Shaun Toub will be playing Uncle Iroh
[Hey, at least it won't be an M Night cameo.]

Cliff Curtis will be playing Fire Lord Ozai
[Also not M Night. The world can breath (slightly!) easier.]

Keong Sim will be playing... Earthbending Father.
I have no idea who the heck that is.

[I don't remember a character like that, and the Google isn't bringing up anything.]

Fire Nation actors look like they're potential bad-asses, provided you ignore what their characters are supposed to look like based on the TV series. The only bright side is that M Night won't be playing a pivotal role us fans will be cringing at. Hopefully.

[He might be the Cabbage Merchant, though.]

Full article on the casting here.

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