Sunday, March 1, 2009

Madea se(three?)quel beats crap out of JoBros' opening weekend!

This could go for a " 'nuff said", but I'm bored now, so I will also add a


I really don't see what's SO special about a guy cross-dressing as an overbearing middle-aged lady (like The Klumps), but how on earth is a "Concert Experience" or a "concert film", for that matter, a movie? First you have Hannah Montana, and now the Jonas Brothers. I mean, it's just a concert, with one/two hours worth of behind-the-scenes stuff.

Ya know, like the kind of extras you can get from a DVD...

Sure, it's (*jazz-hands*) "3D" and all, but it's just a concert (film). If you're such a huge fan of the JoBros (or Miley Cyrus for that matter), go to an REAL concert, where you can actually SEE and HEAR them live, and/or claim to be within a few blocks' distance of the boys on stage.

I understand that concerts are way more expensive than your average (3D) movie, but when you talk about money's worth... I say go for the concert.

[And, totally unrelated, is it me, or do the boys SO not look alike? Just a thought.]

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