Friday, June 19, 2009

Michael Bay to quit Transformers?

Say it isn't so!

In the Yahoo! News UK article, Bay says that he's sick of his detractors, and wants to do movies of the non-action type. More specifically, the genre which " art movie in a winery in the South of France" is categorized.


But seriously, I don't care that Michael Bay's movies lack the occasional storyline and has too many slow-mo scenes, or that he painted flames on Optimus Prime. He. Makes. Action movies. Who on earth would go to an action movie, expecting or even wanting to see character development and all that other stuff they put in heavy dramas, or even regular dramas for that matter?

[It's like expecting Watchmen to be the DC version of the X-Men movies.]

Sure, it'll be even better if those elements are there, but even if they're not, it's no friggin' biggie. An action movie's an action movie, and really, the general public wouldn't want to see anything else.

[That's why Watchmen technically bombed in the box office. One of my favourite comic book adaptations, by the way.]

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