Monday, June 15, 2009

More sucknews on The Last Airbender.

We have here a new article in the "Racial Impact" series (links to the previous few can be found here), titled Gaiden - Hanzi Characters.

In essence, the article compares the original title shot from the animated series with the supposed movie shot (taken off a ComicCon promo T-shirt), where the original title shot has Chinese calligraphy, and the promo T, doesn't, and discusses the direction the movie might be heading.

(l-r) Original title shot from the animated series, title from ComicCon movie promo T.

The article further discusses that there may be NO CHINESE CALLIGRAPHY in the movie, instead, replacing it with a made-up language akin to Elvish or Klingon.

[Or worse. Smudge it out like 4Kids does. Imagine a world that reads and writes Smudge. Ugh.]

Once again, the writer of the article has mentioned that this is a rumor. However, if it DOES turn out to be true, I really doubt I'll be wasting bandwith on this movie.

[I'll just wait till it comes out on satellite TV the following year.]

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