Monday, May 25, 2009

Another photo of Zuko!

[A South Asian in East Asian attire? Why, that's as almost ridiculous as East Asians IN East Asian attire! Ya don't say...]

Judging by the look on Dev Patel's face, I'm guessing this is post-Agni Kai (I think the snow-white background is also a tell-tale sign, since they're probably at the Southern Water Tribe, i.e. somewhere like the South Pole).

If that's so, then where the fuckity-fuck is Zuko's SCAR??!

The article mentioned that Night is going for "a more minimal and realistic look than the one seen on the show". "Minimal" does not justify WHY Zuko wants the Avatar so bad, WHY Zuko wants to prove himself and do right in his father's eyes, because if he'd just gotten MINIMAL damage from the Agni-fucking-Kai (where his father basically own–no, wait–PWNED his teenaged ass), he wouldn't even WANT TO and/or BE chasing Aang all over the fucking world in the first place!

[Also, where is his top-knot?]

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