Monday, August 31, 2009

Disney to buy Marvel.

"NO FUCKING WAY!!", right?

That was my first thought when my friend had alerted me to this, but it's true. As of now, no word on whether the deal has been completed yet, but BBC News reports that Walt Disney is to buy Marvel Entertainment in a shares and cash deal valued at $4bn (£2.5bn).

The BBC News. They don't just make up random shit like that.

Just when the future of Marvel movies had seemed promising, what with origin movies for Marvel Heroes coming out over the next two years to build momentum for the Avengers movie in 2012, new developments like this come to light.

So how now brown cows?

Will subsequent Marvel movies not yet in production get kiddie-dized because of this?

Will we have Will Smith as Captain America, now that Disney has taken over and may be looking for a confirmed and multiple-times-proven crowd-puller?
will smith bringing loud-mouth to the cap'n? please no
Will the upcoming yet-to-be-casted X-Men: First Class be filled by High School Musical alumni?


God help us all.

EDIT: Click here for some Disney/Marvel mash-ups, brought to you by the Punch Drunk Critics.
you gotta admit, they are kind fun to look at

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