Monday, August 3, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

Wolverine isn't half bad.

Sure, the storyline is a bit pointless at times and doesn't make sense, and there's that scene where Gambit acts like a complete idiot and attacks the wrong guy (read: Wolverine), but other than that, it wasn't as shiteous as most of the world pegged it to be.

[The old couple was VERY unnecessary. Poor old people.]

As with every X-Men movie, the fight scenes are lovely, though some of the special effects looked a bit fake (the part where Logan checks out his newly-minted claws, they looked a bit flimsy). As much as I love Liev Shreiber, I would've preferred Tyler Mane. *cough*continuity*cough*
Also, based on the timeline, his look doesn't suit the movie. The much more refined and sophisticated-looking Sabretooth in this movie looks like he belongs in the Ultimate universe (even Ultimate Sabretooth doesn't look like that), and since Movie Franchise Sabretooth already looks like Tyler Mane... it just doesn't make sense how Victor becomes exceedingly primal in, what, 30 years? Out of the 150 years he's been living?

5.5/10. Wasn't as devastatingly bad as hearsay put it to be. Just chuck your brain aside before you start watching.

[I'd also like to say that Ryan Reynolds' ARMS would be worth the price of admission, but we don't see them a lot, so no.]

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