Friday, August 21, 2009

Spoiler alert on Deathly Hallows!!

For those of you who simply hate it when a book-turned-movie ends prematurely (I'm looking at you, Golden Compass), I've got news that the current plan is for the first Hallows movie to end with Harry and Co. getting captured by the Snatchers, the bit before they're taken to Malfoy Manor. Mind you, the filmmakers may get fickle when that time does come, and may decide to move the cliffhanger to something else.

Another noteworthy bit is that Goyle will be the one who dies (*cough*Fiendfyre*cough*), instead of Crabbe . This decision was made after Jamie Waylett (who plays Crabbe) was arrested for growing weed and stuff in his bedroom. Waylett is also not expected to return for either final hurrahDeathly Hallows movie.

[Aw, man!]

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