Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ton o' updates!

[Okay, two.]

Never fear, true believers, this blog is not yet dead. I'd bore you with WHY I haven't been updating, but eh, I'll spare you the deets.

[It involved an ass-ton of overtime. Sorry peeps.]

First up, A TRAILER:

One thing I don't get is how they always associate eternal youth along with Dorian's name. Eternal beauty, yes, but think about it. Just because he doesn't age physically doesn't mean that it's the same internally. I mean, he could have liver failure and cancer and all that crap and still die, but he'd still look a healthy 20 years of age. And the 'immortality' argument can't be proven, because the book took place over a span of twenty years. Hardly enough time.

That said, Colin Firth doesn't look malevolent enough to be the tarnisher of souls, but I guess that's the idea.

Dorian Gray opens 9th September 2009.
[If you flip the date upside down, you get 6-6-6. Oooo...]

Secondly (and I can't find this on any other Internet source but the one I saw it from, which is here), it seems that Timur Bekmambetov has given up on Twilight Watch, the third of the Night Watch trilogy based on the popular Russian book series of the same name. He will, instead, be doing a sequel for Wanted.

I don't know when Wanted 2 will open.

I did not see Wanted, so I can't bitchcomment about whether it's a lousy decision or not, but I'm disappointed that Twilight Watch won't be made. I've only seen Day Watch (couldn't find Night Watch), and although the storyline was VERY complicating for me, the visuals were simply gorgeous, and so amazing that my tiny TV did not do it justice.

[That's right, folks, I saw Day Watch ON PAY-TELEVISION. I am officially LOUSY.]

It sucks that the third won't be made, though apparently the third was going to be filmed in English, compared to the previous two which were in their native Russian, so it's probably for the better.
Really, they speak Russian for two movies and alluva sudden the characters switch to English. Ridiculous.

Anyway, look out for my long-overdue review on X-Men Origins: Wolverine (FINALLY!) some time tonight / next day, and the upcoming G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra next weekend!
[That is, if tix aren't sold out :P]

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