Sunday, February 22, 2009

The 81st Academy Awards 2009!

[Thank goodness I did not see no Jo Bro there. But there was still Miley Cyrus, soo...]

Anyway, ceremony just finished, so I'ma start the blogging... now:

Hugh Jackman was better than I thought, although not as wild and, um, gay as he was in the Tonys. Woulda been pretty cool to see him in gold pants again. Plus, loved the "I'm WOLVERINE!!" bit at the end of his opening number.

Aforementioned gold pants. And no, this wasn't Photoshopped.

The star power was TREMENDOUS this time around. They got a LOT of famous and established actors to come and present. Loved that whole '5 past-winners for acting awards' schtick.

[Shirley MacLaine! Ben Kingsley! Robert DeNiro! Chris Walken FTW! A gilded Sophia Loren!]

Jack Black is SO right. The only time Pixar got robbed was the year Monsters, Inc. was up against Shrek. And Monsters, Inc. deserved that one WAY more. I'm not really a fan of Dreamworks cartoons. Pixar RULES! And is actually CREATIVE!

I've never really gone for Ben Stiller's brand of comedy (except Zoolander). Humor only sunk in till halfway, when I realised he was imitating Joaquin Phoenix. And I pride myself on recognising pop culture. Sigh.

The Pineapple Express bit was good! "Slumdog Millionaire = The Love Guru." HAHAHAHAHA!!

[James Franco is soooooo cute... =]]

All clips with Wall-E made me "Awwwww...". I should really watch that movie.

Seriously, what the hell is Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens doing singing on stage? Did I miss out hearing High School Musical's nomination for something? At least Mamma Mia! wasn't teenaged crap.

The music's kinda messed up. When they were bringing out the host for the post-production awards, I thought it was gonna be someone from The Dark Knight, since the music is SO reminiscent of that movie. But no. It was Will Smith. At least use music from Hancock or something, man.

Beyoncé wasn't as annoying as she usually is. At least she didn't come out and present. But then, that left us with Alicia Keys. Ugh. Thank goodness P Diddy wasn't around. Dubble-UGH.

The In Memoriam part sucked. Zooming in and out of the screens does not help the rest of us TV viewers WHO CAN'T FUCKING READ TINY PRINT!! Helloooo, some of us actually WANT to know who had passed on!! Plus, why the hell is Queen Latifah singing? She doesn't suck at it, but still. And is it me, or did I miss seeing Heath Ledger in the montage?

UPSET: I thought Mickey Rourke was gonna win. BUT... Sean Penn's first lines for his speech was awesome.

And in the 'Movies of 2009' part, where the hell be my Watchmen? Just 'cuz it's coming out in two weeks doesn't mean that it is ALREADY OUT!! And oi, Transformers 2!!
looks friggin' adorable, though :)

EDIT: The re-run totally edited out parts of the Pineapple Express segment. 'Specially the part with the kissing and the stapling. Silly local censors.

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