Monday, February 2, 2009

Revisiting... Disturbia (2007)

Disturbia- All you can learn about Peeping Tom

This scene is almost the part.....Firstly, Minnie Riperton's Lovin' You was definately the right song.....Later his obsession with Ashley actually turns out to be so so cute......Ashley melted.....even i would too

Building his empire....His tower of Boredom .....This too made me feel in love with System of A Down track- Lonely Day....What I really love most is his carefree attitude during house arrest....
He thinks he's McGuiver...He thinks he's Inspector Gadget...He seems to come in handy in electronic items...Also a bit unbelievable I feel...

So 'macho' walking out after an easy killing....Like so so PREDICTABLE

It was released April 13, 2007
"Seriously, one of the best - with only 20 million budget film". Directed by Mr Caruso whom directed (movies like Two for The Money- staring hottie Matthew M, Eagle Eye- totally HOT HOT and HOT Mr Labeouf.)
Movie starts off with a Father(Mr Craven- Daniel Brecht)- Son (Mr Labeouf- Kale) bond relationship later turns bitter after the death of his dad on car crash. At first, I thought the movie was some car hijacking movie (you should have seen how the crash happen.) Since that day, Kale has turn from devoted and caring son to someone whose life is so rebellious. During his Spanish lesson in class, he punched his Spanish teacher and he was later sentence to house arrest. What's cool about his house arrest was that he TOTALLY 'live a care free and like I don't give a shit anymore about my F%^# life' And Mr Labeouf has that attitude that is so totally COOL. In that movie too I started having my FIRST CRUSH on Mr Labeouf. . So anyways, he later turned obsess with his newly invented hobby- Mr Snobby- Eying around his neighbors private life.Meet Mr Turner (the serial Killer who in the end died with Mr Labeouf's strength). He killed him with a pair of BIG grass cutter scissors. While viewing around, a new neighbor moved in. Girl next door, Ashley. Wild as she can be when she was a city gal, she is now stuck here with her ever bored time in this suburban neighborhood.Bizarre, funny and pretty, in the end she and Mr Labeouf was so cuddly, lovey mates. She too was having wonderful 'coffee and donuts' stakeouts along with Mr Yoo- Ronnie( the chicky Korean guy who's Mr Labeouf school mate) What I like most about this movie is that it does not brag much and makes it short, simple yet funny. I should say the cast in this movie is simply awesome only one mistake I felt ruined the movie: The way Mr. Turner died is way to easy!! Over all I would give a 9 1/4 rating on this movie. And a 10+++ for Mr Labeouf.
What I personally felt about this movie, honestly I totally love it! I watched it like so many times. It has all the elements that I feel is worth it. As I myself am a mild person in life. I cherish every single romantic detail in a teenage film and this one definitely has got that element. Over all, I salute him for living his life to the fullest. This movie centralize on the typical life of suburban US people. Sex, Lie, dangerous and reclusive.

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