Saturday, February 21, 2009

Oh no, squiddy! *Spoilers below*

The squid really WAS cut.

According to, Zack Snyder said, "The reason that the squid got taken out of the movie was so there'd be more Rorschach and a little bit more Manhattan. Because we did the math, and we figured it took about 15 minutes to explain [the squid's appearance] correctly; otherwise, it's pretty crazy."

[Check out the rest of that MTV article here.]

I agree that the backstories are just as important, but 15 minutes isn't long.

[Two words. Spider-man. Three.]

It's not like it's half an hour or something. Seriously, everyone will be paying attention to the "why" of the squid (which is the "why" of everything, for that matter), that they won't even notice that 15 minutes have gone by.

And since the squid is out, how different will the ending be? In fact, how different will the movie be? Some seemingly-unimportant details are crucial to the ending.

Oi vey. Let's hope the ending won't actually be as ridiculous as the version that's plastered all over the Interwebz.

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