Tuesday, February 24, 2009

EXCLUSIVE! Nine differences between comic and movie!

*Many, many huge-ass spoilers in link*

An extension of the MTV article in this post:

'Watchmen director reveals key differences between graphic novel, film.'

[I'm not too sure whether the nine are the ONLY differences in the movie, though.]

The article is definitely spoiler-heavy, but in terms of deviating from the source material... not so much. I'm pretty okay with those differences, although it would've been infinitely better if the comic was strictly followed.

[Another reason to check out the Director's Cut. Sigh.]

One thing worries me, though. That last line to the first spoiler (the one about Nite Owl) states:
"But he has no chance against Adrian."


Oh, smeg.

What do YOU guys think about this development? Leave a comment and let us know =]

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