Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More Karate Kid remake details revealed!

As we all (relatively) know, the 'reimagining' (po-TAY-toe, po-TAH-toe) will be a Jaden Smith vehicle, since it's produced by his pap Will Smith, with an emphasis on the 'kid' in the title. Back then, they haven't cast Mr. Miyagi yet, with names like Jackie Chan and Stephen Chow (HA!) being thrown around.

Now we know the plot.

Jaden will be playing a kid whose single mother gets tranferred to China, and, obviously standing out and not knowing the language, gets the crap beat out of him. In comes Mr. MiyagiHan (Jackie Chan confirmed), who feels sorry for the kid, and decide to teach him martial arts and Chinese.

Though not a fan of the original (I thought it was okay), this Hollywood trend of rapingremaking old movies has to stop. I get that it's all about 'who you know', but Jaden Smith does NOT have to be in every other movie just 'cuz his father is Will Smith. It gets very annoying.

[Like Shia Labeouf, only I'm used to him now and he doesn't annoy me that much anymore. And Beyoncé.]

And most importantly, karate is JAPANESE, and not part of Chinese culture. If you want to set the movie in China, you might as well call it The Kung-Fu Kid. It's blatantly ignorant on their part to keep the original title.

[Have to get that into those thick gwailo studio heads.]

I mean, seriously, just because there's a name-change doesn't mean people won't know that it's a new take on The Karate Kid, and NOT go see the film. And besides, why isn't it set in Japan? Is it too expensive there or something?

[REALLY doesn't take a genius to see that fuckery is halfway abound.]

How do you guys feel about the remake? Sound off below and tell us what you think!

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