Sunday, May 24, 2009

A-Team roughly in place?

We know that Joe Carnahan is now attached as director; what about the A-Team members themselves?

The only person that's THIS CLOSE to a major role in the movie is Common, who's pretty much the frontrunner to play B. A. BaracusMr. T, even though a proper offer hasn't been made yet. I'm not too familiar with Common's work, so I can't comment on suitability, but appearance-wise, he looks a bit too slender to play Baracus. Ice Cube, anyone?

[Mr. T has said that the only way he'll be in the movie is if he plays Baracus. At least he won't be cameoing as Common's dad or something. Ugh.]

Bradley Cooper is also one of the names on the potential cast-list, to take on the role of Templeton Peck, a.k.a. Face, formerly played by Dirk Benedict. As much as I love Bradley Cooper (always had a soft spot for the poor guy on Alias) and as way-cute as he is, I can't imagine him as Face. He's too adorable to be a con-man (even though con-men probably and usually ARE adorable).

Dirk Benedict. Look at his suave-ness. Look at that hair.

Now this is a major 180˚. Chris Pine also wants to bag a role on the A-Team: that of "Howlin' Mad" Murdock. That's a pretty weird casting choice (if he is signed on), unless he is able to pull a Star Trek again (as in, prove everyone/most people wrong). Personally, even though he's not as flat-out pretty as Cooper nor even Benedict, he's absolutely suitable as Face.

[Dwight Schultz is irreplaceable. Jim Carrey may be insane enough to be Murdock, though.]

So far, there's not much speculation on who'll be playing John "Hannibal" Smith (formerly played by the late George Peppard). I can kinda imagine George Clooney as Hannibal. Probably 'cuzza the whitesilver hair.

The movie is slated for a June 10th, 2010 release.

[Yeah, and LAST YEAR, it had a mid-2009 release!]

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