Friday, May 1, 2009

Wolverine gets awful reviews!

Based on the Tomatometer, Wolverine is doing way, way, way worse than Watchmen ever did, with only 38% freshness on its second day, while Watchmen, currently in its 7th week, is at 64%.

[I used Watchmen as a basis for comparison because everyone but the fans (and I) said that the movie was crap. In your faces, professional reviewers.]

GQ UK says that it's worse than Australia. Major burn. I haven't seen it (because I really don't want to), but the general consensus was that it was awful.

Don't know how it's doing at the box-office, because it's too early for the figures. Let's hope future reviews aren't so bad.

[Maybe I should sway Pammy into seeing Star Trek instead. Even though she knows jack about it.]

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