Friday, May 1, 2009

Cruel Restaurant (2008)

While browsing through the web for some horror stuff, I came across this very lame horror movie, or should I just say, the lamest LMAO HORROR movie I've ever encounter. WTF, the cast was ugly (well maybe for Miss Mihiro), the story line was DAMN shitty, the restaurant (u even call that shit house a restaurant, and guess what they even have critics coming in to that lame place to do review on the VERY dull dumpling (see also wanna vomit, no mood kind of food. Then the funny part, there was this scene a martial art scene where she thinks its some sorta cool thing to , but its totally irrelevant material). Anyways, to simplify this, DON'T ever think about watching this movie. Totally crap shit! Not scary whatsoever!!

How to rate this also, giving me a headache, No need rate, i assume, THE WORST from me.

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