Monday, May 4, 2009

Saw III (2006)

It's 5 a.m and darn instead of heading towards book, I was watching this. Now, this is just sad. Really sad. And I notice, John, is actually afraid of death , thus he plays game to made everyone suffer just as what he is suffering. He uses Amanda (from Saw I) in playing his game (turns out, Amanda's game has no ending). Damn sad this one. Well that's about it. Don't have Saw IV. Gotta read now (wish me luck).

A 8 for a horror yet sad one. Nice. Almost gonna vomit out but haay, its 5 a.m, I'm freezing in seeing too much blood oozing out from each victim he plays a game on.(Including himself, during the brain breathing process operation!!) (By the way: You just get addictive once you start watching this as he is such a genius!)

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