Friday, May 22, 2009

New pictures from The Last Airbender!

Article link here.

Let the nitpicking commence!

Dev Patel as Prince Zuko.

First of all, as cool as Dev Patel looks with the fire and all, where the hell is his scar? And why does he still have his hair? Is he not supposed to be half-bald with top-knot? Did the producers realise that putting an East Asian hair-style on a South Asian dude looks as ridiculous as it sounds?

[Just like the idea of casting white people in Asian-looking roles! But who'm I to criticise, I just have common sense.]

Noah Ringer as Aang.

Surprisingly, despite the lovely complexion (and I'm not being sarcastic here), he doesn't look too abnormalweird, which seems a bit promising. Maybe it's the expression on his face Now, where the hell is his blue tattoo? If he's gonna walk around looking like he has that mark etched into his forehead... Ehkk.

If the original cartoon was drawn this way, with an Indian/brown dude as a bad guy and a bunch of white/near-white kids running around saving the world, there wouldn't be any issues with the movie; rather the production crew would be lauded for sticking to and respecting the source material. Just like Watchmen.

[Sorry, couldn't resist.]

Instead, you have people setting up websites, debating endlessly on the cast, and most of all, have the possibly-true presumption that this movie adaptation will suck as much lame as Dragonball: Evolution.

Apparently, the teaser attached to Transformers 2 was a rumor.
[Can't remember where I put the link.]
We shall see on June 24th.

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