Monday, May 4, 2009

Saw II (2005)

Just so cute, right??Ahhhh....

Awesome! Awesome! Just I'm currently so in love with all this Jigsaw guy. Darn, he is such a genius. Live or Die . Listen carefully, in what he has to say. Gosh, he just told Mr Wahlberg( the not so charming Wahlberg brother), that his son is safe but oh well, he was just to pissed to listen. So anyways, he beat up John, got himself into trouble only to find himself chain (the same place Saw I took place). Oh ya, there are moral values in this too: Appreciate life as it is and be thankful in what you've got. Watch it, not so gross after you sorta get the courage to see blood. Love the plot compare to Saw I as there are more movement in this.

The combination part to unlock the safe was the best. Now Amanda is taking over Mr (Jigsaw), can't wait to continue the third one. Definitely, a 8 for this.

(Its 5th of May, and I'm still doing this(watching movie instead of reading, anyways, will blog on Saw III soon. Right now, wish me luck!!)

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